Why is my driver's license not verified?

The fact that (your) driver's license is not automatically verified within a few minutes can have several reasons:

Please check first if the requirements for the verification at emmy are met:

✔️ You are at least 18 years old and have
✔️ a valid EU or EEA driving license class B
❌ your driver's license is complete and not seriously damaged
❌ unfortunately we cannot accept non-EU and non-EEA driving licenses 😥

Our verification checks your documents quite critically in doorman manner🕵🏼. The following reasons may cause the verification to be rejected for the time being and you should repeat it or get in contact with our customer service:

🔁 You are not clearly identifiable on the video, for example please take off your mask during the verification video.
🔁The image quality of the driver's license photo is not sufficient.
🔁The driver's license photo does not appear to show the original document.

If the verification is rejected due to the following reasons, please contact our customer service so that we can find a solution:

📞 Your name provided does not match that of the driver's license.
📞 The driver's license numbers do not seem to be valid.
📞Your face does not resemble (anymore) the picture on your driver's license.


If you still have an old driver's license, that's no problem. You can verify your driver's license normally via the app. The only important thing is that we can see everything well. Good light and a quiet shot help the most.

How does emmy work?
  1. Sign up & verify your driver's licence: Get the emmy App (iOS or Android), sign up and verify your driver's license in the app. After your account has been verified – you're good to go!

  2. Ride: It’s time to start your engine! Locate a nearby moped in the app, reserve it free of charge, and hit the road.

  3. End rental: You can park the scooters anywhere within our business area in a public parking lot and end the rental via app.


In which cities are emmy mopeds available?

You can find over 3000 mopeds in our defined areas of operation in Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.

How do I sign up?

You can easily register via App (iOS or Android). Simply enter your personal information and payment details (EC or credit card) and then have your driver's license verified via the app.

You will receive an email from us as soon as your account has been activated.

What do I need and what are the registration requirements?

You must be at least 18 years of age and hold a valid (EU or EEA) class B driver’s license or a motorcycle driving licence (class A).

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to verify temporary, Non-EU and Non-EEA driver’s licenses. Once you have been issued an EU or EEA driver’s license, we look forward to hearing from you and activating your emmy account.

How do I verify my driver’s license?

After you’ve registered, you can have your driver's license verified in the emmy app. To do this, you need to record two short videos – one of the front and back of your driver’s license and one of your face. As a sharing service, we are obligated to verify that you have a valid EU or EEA driver's license (class B or class A) and that you are the person the license belongs to.

Ride & Rental

Why business area adjustments?

The business area indicates the area within our city where you can simply end the lease and park the moped. There, of course, the bigger the better and best for everyone a piece of residence within to comfortably park the moped at the front door 🤤.

At the same time, the business area is subject to many conditions and requirements, and we always have to make sure that the store and the mopeds are running, so that you don't have to take the subway to get to the next emmy, for example.

Let's put it in a nutshell: If our mopeds are on the move a lot (especially in summer), we can keep our business area large or even gradually increase it. The situation is completely different in winter, when many warm riders:inside no longer get on and the mopeds have longer standing times. Then we have to get our sheep in the dry and compensate for the lack of rides by reducing the business area a bit.


What does the (current) business area look like?

At the end of the year, we winterized all three of our cities and reduced the size of the business area. This mainly affects areas on the edge of the business area (marked in red) where rentals can now no longer be terminated.

Please always check if your destination is within the business area if you want to end your rental there. You can also view the business area in the app at any time.


Berlin (winter map 22/23):



München (winter map 22/23):



Hamburg (winter map 22/23):


What's with the emmy gang?

Don't worry, no rituals and nothing illegal! The emmy gang is our Miles&More, so to speak: If you travel a lot with us, we want to honor your moped commitment and give you a few free minutes.


If you ride at least 8 times in one month, you become a proud member of the emmy Gang and automatically receive 15 free minutes at the beginning of the next month.


And if you like this kind of challenge-reward game, you can already look forward to the next emmy Gang level 😉


What do I have to bring for a ride?

All you need for a ride with emmy is your EU or EEA driver’s license and a mobile phone with the emmy App installed. You’ll find everything else you need inside of the helmet box. If you want to look particularly cool, a pair of sunglasses would be a plus.

How do I start the rental?

Select a moped in the emmy App and click on "Reserve now" (free for 15 minutes) in the detailed view. When you reach the moped, click on "Start Rental" to open the helmet box of your moped. The helmet box will then make a typical clicking sound and the moped is ready for you to ride.

The helmet box isn’t opening or you cannot start the moped? Alternatively enter a keyword for your problem at the top of the search function.

How do I start the moped?

How you start the moped depends on the moped model you are using and the city you are in. 

Have a look at our video tutorials:

Berlin: Start NIU

Hamburg & Munich: Start Yadea

Is the mopeds’s ignition on?

Schwalbe (in Berlin)

Although the mopeds are silent, the ignition is switched on as soon as:

  1. Insert the key into the lock and turn it
  2. You made sure that the red switch on the right handlebar ist flipped to "On"
  3. Pull the left brake lever and press the "Down" switch simultaneously
  4. If you’ve properly turned the key, the ultra-xenon light will turn on

Keyless Schwalbe (in Berlin) 

On our keyless Schwalbe, the ignition will switch following those steps:

  1. Get the moped off the center stand.
  2. Press the lighted start button located under the handlebars on the right side at the level of your knee
  3. Pull the left brake lever and press the "Down" switch simultaneously

NIU (in Berlin)

On our keyless NIU mopeds, the ignition will switch on after you do the following:

  1. Get the moped off the center and side stand.
  2. Press and hold the green “Start” Button while pulling the break lever on right until “Ready” appears on the dashboard.

Yadea (in Hamburg and Munich)

You can switch on the ignition on our keyless and silent Yadea mopeds by:

  1. Getting the moped from the side stand and main stand
  2. Pressing the "P" button on the right side of the handlebars
  3. The display changes from "P" to "00" - and you are ready to go


Where and how do I park correctly?

Please always park considerately and save space! 🙏(Parking rules in Berlin as of 01.01.2023 at the bottom👇).


Eyes up when choosing a parking space, because even when used mobility sharing for parking there are warning signals🚩 where your alarm sensors should be armed if you park in public and paid parking spaces or collective parking areas. Please do not put the moped in any case


🚩 in front of driveways, fire lanes, emergency exits.

🚩 in stopping or no-parking areas,

🚩 in parks, in pedestrian areas or in backyards,

🚩 on bicycle paths or guidance systems for the blind.


💚but in such a way that no other road users are impaired.


If a parking space is not suitable, please take the moment to find another one. This is not only in line with the sharing idea, but also saves us all stress and costs, because incurred parking tickets (from 55€) will be forwarded to the person who caused them and an additional processing fee (+15€) will be charged. To be honest, we don't feel like that.


Parking rules in Berlin from 01.01.2023

The Senate of Berlin has introduced new parking rules for Berlin and enforces them resolutely. You have to consider the following parking rules on Berlin's streets from now on and absolutely:


🅿️ You can park your scooter in all public and paid parking spaces without pulling a ticket, because parking in short term parking zones is free for emmy.


🅿️ Another parking alternative are mobility hubs - or collective parking areas of sharing providers like Jelbi or DB.


⛔Parking on sidewalks and sidewalks is prohibited from now on and everywhere! (Even if there is enough space and no one is disturbed).


Parking in private areas such as parking garages and supermarket parking lots is still prohibited.

Please also note that parking in bicycle parking lots is not allowed.


If you want to find out about the current parking regulations in Berlin, you can find all the information on the Senate's website.


If you have any questions about proper parking, just send us an email to: kontakt@emmy-sharing.de.

Am I allowed to ride the moped outside of the designated area of operation?

As a general rule, you are allowed to take your moped anywhere during your rental, including outside of our area of operation. However, you can only end your rental within the area of operation. 

So make sure that your moped has enough juice to get home. As a rule of thumb, 1% battery power is sufficient for 1 km of riding. If you are unable to return your moped to the area of operation, our service team will have to retrieve it and you will be charged a service fee for re-parking.

Can I park the moped and continue driving it later?

If you want to stop a ride, but wish to continue at a later time, you can put the moped in pause mode.

Just open the app and tap "Pause" while your rental is active. The helmet box will then be locked and the immobiliser activated.

To continue your ride, simply tap "Continue".

Is the moped tied to a specific pick-up/drop-off point?

Nope! You can rent a moped within our area of operation at any time, day or night, and return it later to any public parking lot within our area of operation.

Billing & Fees

What is the activation and how does it work?

When you start your rental, you will have to pay a one-time unlock fee of 1€, which activates your moped until you end the rental.

The unlock fee will be charged from your existing ride credit.

How much is the fish?
There is currently no fee for registering with emmy. However, you will receive 25 free minutes directly. Please note! All free minutes that you receive via a promotion code or in the form of a credit are valid for 6 months after redemption.

The rides will be billed according to the minutes you use. So you only pay for emmy if you use emmy. One minute of riding starts at 0.30 EUR and one minute in parking mode costs 0.13 EUR. You can find more information here: Prices

How does billing work?

Naturally, a direct debit will only be carried out if you actually ride with emmy.

In this case, if the invoice amount exceeds 10 EUR, we will promptly debit the amount from your account, depending on the payment method you have chosen (by direct debit or credit card). For invoice amounts below 10 EUR, we will debit the amount due from your account once monthly. When any sum has been debited, you will receive an invoice from us via e-mail.

How does the cost cap work? Do you offer a daily rate?

If you’re ever unable to part ways with your emmy moped, we cap the costs at 35 EUR for the day. This means that you can book a moped for longer than 2 hours and 6 minutes (this is the magical limit) and the rental price of 29 EUR stays the same. If at any point the battery runs out, you can switch over to any available moped within our designated area of operation. However, if you’re traveling outside of our area of operation, you need to ensure that the moped has enough battery power to make it back to our designated area of operation.

Also, please note that we define a day as the hours between 00:00 – 23:59 – i.e. a new day begins at midnight and the billing period resets.

How do I get a credit package?

In the app menu, click “Buy credit package” and select one of the available credit packages. Confirm your purchase by clicking “Buy now”. Alternatively, you can load the credit packages to your account in the login area of our website.

Please note: The credit packages are valid for 4 years from the date of purchase.

Where can I view my past rides and how much they cost?

After each completed rental, an overview of your trip is displayed in the app and you will receive a trip report by email. If you would like to view your trip report again at a later date, simply click on "Past trips" in the app menu, where you will find all information regarding your completed trips.

Event of damage

What type of insurance coverage do I have?

When you ride our mopeds, you are covered by liability and comprehensive insurance. In the event of damage, you are liable for up to 350 EUR (Govecs Schwalbe, NIU NQi Series, Yadea G5L), provided the damage was not caused intentionally or as result of gross negligence.

You can find more information about your insurance in our Terms of Service.

How high is the deductible?

The deductible is 350 EUR (Govecs Schwalbe, NIU, Yadea G5L) in the event of damage, provided the damage was not caused intentionally or as a result of gross negligence.

All mopeds are covered by standard third-party liability insurance. In addition, each moped has a comprehensive coverage that is the equivalent of a full comprehensive policy with third-party, fire and theft coverage.

Do I have to report damage to the moped?

Damage is not a sensitive issue for us – mopeds are a commodity and can get banged up from time to time. We just want to avoid a “That was already there”-mentality. 

Minor cosmetic damage (smaller than a credit card) does not have to be reported. More severe cosmetic damage that does not affect vehicle safety can be reported via app – this includes scratches, graffiti and missing mobile phone holders.

For other damage, especially damage related to vehicle safety, please call our customer service immediately – e.g. broken fairing, missing mirrors or loose steering.

Call us by phone: +49 (0)30 220 124 40

Find out here how to report damage: How do I report a damage (before departure)?

How do I report a damage (before departure)?

If you notice any damage to your moped, please click on "Report Damage" in the app. There you will find an overview of the damage that has already been reported for the moped. If the damage you have discovered is not yet listed, please select the appropriate damage report or add a personal comment and click on "Submit".

In case of damage related to vehicle safety and any other urgent matters, please call us immediately at: + 49 030 2201 2440

When is it best to just leave a moped?

If the moped looks battered, parts are missing or bent, etc., then do not ride the moped under any circumstances and report the damage to our customer service by phone. Additionally, if you notice that the moped is very unstable during your ride, for example if you have problems with the steering, stop riding immediately and report the damage to us by phone: + 49 (0)30 2201 2440

In the event of cosmetic damage such as scratches or a missing mobile phone holder, you are naturally free to use the moped. Just be sure to report the damage to us via the app before departure.

Find out here how to report damage: How do I report a damage?

I just had a little accident. Can I continue riding my moped?

Even if it’s just a minor accident and no damage is visible at first glance, you must report any accident to our customer service and can not continue your ride. The moped will then be deactivated and inspected by our service team.

In general, the following applies to every accident:

  1. Call our customer service and report the accident GER: + 49 030 2201 2440, AT: +43 720 8824 63
  2. In the event of damage caused to or by a third party: Call the police!
  3. Take photos of possible damage and/or the accident site.

For more information, take a look at our Terms and Conditions or this article: I had an accident! What do I do now?


What does the merger with GoTo Global mean for emmy?

What will change for me as a customer?
At first: not too much, but there is a lot to expect for this step, we will be able to offer you many more tailored solutions for your mobility needs.


Will emmy still be called emmy?
In the beginning yes, but over the next few months you will be seeing a lot more of the GoTo brand.


Will the mopeds still look like before?
In the beginning yes, but you will notice that there will be a co-branding on our mopeds.


Do I have to use a different app?
No, you can use our scooters as usual with the emmy app.


Will my account automatically be moved to the new company, or do I have to do anything?
There is nothing you need to do. You will see the changes appear gradually. We will inform you every step of the way.


Do I have any benefits from the new company?
A lot of them! With this step we will be able to offer additional modes of transportation for your everyday mobility needs.


Is my data still protected under European law?
Even though our mother company now is an Israeli entity the customer data is still stored completely in alignment with European data protection standards.


Are you planning to expand to new cities?
First things first: We will expand our fleet in the existing cities, but we are already looking at more cities where this model makes sense.

Why is my account blocked and how can I activate it?

Usually, something must have happened to set off our alarm bells and we blocked your account (as a precaution). This can have different reasons e.g.

  • Involvement in an accident without having contacted us afterwards (unfall@emmy-sharing.de),
  • another person is driving with your account (third party use),
  • problems with billing (e.g. expired credit card),
  • Incorrect or outdated personal data (change of address after moving, new phone number etc.),
  • Non-compliance with the general terms and conditions.

The first step to solving the problem is in your mailbox (or even in the spam folder?!), because as soon as an account is blocked by us, we tell you the reason and the possible solutions. If our messages don't reach you or you have questions, contact our customer service. They are great and happy to help you!

Why do the license plates look different?

From now on, our scooters will drive through the city with large license plates. This has logistical reasons. However, nothing will change for you.


✅ you can still drive the scooters with your car license


✅ no motorcycle license is necessary


✅ the scooters do not go any faster than before


✅ you can now distinguish the scooters from each other more easily when they form a pack



You can't because of the new license plates:


❌ drive with the scooter on the freeway or motor roads

How can I delete my account?

If you have thought twice and are still sure, you can delete your account and all data via the app. To do this, you will find the menu item "Delete account" in the user account of the app. However, this is only possible if we are even and nothing is outstanding. After that, you still have to verify your decision with your date of birth and we go our separate ways.

If you want to delete your account due to a problem during registration (e.g. typing error in your email address) then contact the customer service first.

But we're sticking to the happy ending, and you know how to log in.

Data Protection & Privacy - How do you protect my personal information?

Generally speaking, data protection is very important to us. Our data is stored in Europe and only our employees have access to images used for driver’s license verification. These images are used only to ensure that you are in possession of a valid driver’s license. If you would like to know more, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Where can I find the General Terms and Conditions (AGBs)?

All information regarding our general terms and conditions can be found here: Terms & Conditions.